Triangle Vegfest 2018

Vegfests are an important tool for promoting a vegan lifestyle and for getting the vegan message out to communities in a positive, fun and engaging manner.  While visitors sample delicious food, desserts and specialty drinks, they are surrounded by literature and messages of justice, kindness and compassion for animals, which serves to plant the seeds of change.  There is also never a shortage of apparel, hats and accessories for sale with the vegan message.  For those visitors that are already vegan, they find a sense of community, surrounded by people, food and merchandise that align with their beliefs and way of life.

Downtown Durham

This past weekend, Aug. 18th and 19th, my family and I attended the Triangle Vegfest in Durham, North Carolina.  At this wonderful event I was able to reconnect with some members of the local vegan community that I had previously met and I had the opportunity to listen to speakers that came from near and far to educate and inspire.  Saturday’s session was held at the Durham Art’s Council as was a day for various influential members of the vegan community to give their speeches, presentations and address the different aspects of veganism, animal rescue, the environment, and many other topics.  We heard from Vegan Evan, Gangster Vegan, Badass Vegan, Gene Baur, Queenetta Moore, Leilani Munter, Lenore Braford, Denise Bitz and Lisa McDonald.  Each added a different dimension to the messages of animal justice, health promotion, and environmental issues.  All pertinent, inspiring and educational.  Sunday was Festival Day with dozens of food vendors, most giving out samples of their delicious offerings, along with merchandise vendors and informational booths with free brochures and leaflets for the taking.  There were food trucks outside and indoor food stands serving complete vegan meals by Earth to Us Vegan Comfort Food and Vegan Flava Cafe, among others.  I must add that the Channa Masala from Vegan Flava Cafe and the Cauliflower Wings, Chick’n and Rice and Loaded Nachos from Earth to Us were all spectacular.  They really outdid themselves!  I also purchased an apple spiced scented natural soy wax candle from Wicks for Wags.  It is long lasting and smells delicious.

The Triangle Vegfest certainly made for an enjoyable weekend!  The event was well organized, well run and the vendor setup had a great flow to it.  All the participants were very receptive to questions and did a wonderful job educating all that were willing to stop and listen to their individual contributions and suggestions.  While many of the Triangle Vegfest’s attendees were already vegan, the event offered a platform for the non-vegan and veg-curious community to come out and partake of a friendly, positive event full of information, great food and a sense of commonality, with animal justice and liberation at its core.  If you’re in the area or are able to travel to the Triangle Vegfest in 2019, I think you would enjoy it!




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